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Previous Scholarship Winners

Victor C. and Martha Marie Whitfield Scholarship

             The Victor C. and Martha Marie Whitfield Scholarship Fund was established in 1990 following the death of Mrs. Whitfield in 1989.  Endowed by a major gift from an anonymous donor, the fund awards a $2,500 cash award to a graduating high school senior.  Paid as $1,250 at Grand Assembly, the remaining $1,250 requires the recipient to maintain at least a B average the first semester. In 2006, the Victor C. and Martha Marie Whitfield Scholarship was changed to award a total of $5,500, payable $2,500 for the Freshman year and $1,000 for each of three additional years if proper grades are maintained. In 2007 the initial payment was changed to $2,000 making the four year total $5,000.


1990  Paige Adams

1991  Laura Tirey

1992  Lori Best

1993  Ami Mahone

1994  Heather Bush

1995  Deborah Bane

1996  Sharon Henss

1997  Katherine Long

1998  Sarai Sanchez

1999  Rebecca O'Bier

2000  Stacy Youngblood

2001  Savannah Lay

2002  Ivy Fannin

2003  Amy James

2004  Joanna Ashcraft

2005  Jennifer Shearer

2006  Shelley Ashcraft

2007  Kristi Castillo

2008  Sara Venable

2009  Priscilla Powell

2010  Jennifer Montgomery

2011  Kathren Lee

2012  Sandra Babers

2013  Carrie Currey

2014  Breanna Desbien

2015  Caroline Marie Richardson

2016  Brittany LeAnn Borders

2017  Jessie Lee Spradling

2018  ?????????


Pot of Gold Scholarships

             The Pot of Gold Scholarships were established in 2005 to provide $1,000 to a graduating high school senior or college student. Candidates who applied for the Victor C. and Martha Marie Whitfield Scholarship and did not receive one were then considered for the Pot of Gold Scholarships. Additionally, full time college students may also apply. Half is paid on announcement and the remainder upon the completion of the first semester with a “B” or better average.


2005  Jamie Cooley
       Jenée Higgins

2006  Katy O'Shields
       Joni Perry
       Jennifer Shearer

2007  Courtney Renken
       Katy O'Shields

2008  Kimberly Roberts (In Memory of Harry G. Cunningham)
       Kristen Currie

2009  Kati Castillo
       Elizabeth Montemayor

2010  Jessica Reinert
       Cade Howell

2011  Robyn Freitas
       Lily Fenton
       Melanie Seymour

2012  Charissa Fenton
       Melanie Seymour

2013  Allison Fraze (In Honor of Rennie Ofton)
       Cheryl Haston
       Brianna Lee
       Alison Montgomery
       Ariel Smith

2014   Madeline Alonso (In Memory of Janell Trees)
        Emily Cumming (In Memory of Janell Trees)
        Cheryl Haston  (In Memory of Janell Trees)
        Adriana Guillen (Dallas Scottish Rite Scholarship)
        Brianna Lee (Dallas Scottish Rite Scholarship)
        Kristin Bale
        Tanner Pruitt
        Gabriela Teeka-Singh

2015   Claudia Marie Serrano (In Memory of Betty Lynn)
        Emily Elizabeth Cumming (In Memory of Chris Edwards)
        Vanh Olivia Keomoungkhoun  (Dallas Scottish Rite Scholarship)
        Gabriela Nicole Teeka-Singh (Dallas Scottish Rite Scholarship)
        Madeline Alonso
        Sakurah Janise Fisher
        Samantha Kay Lang
        Cheryl Anne Haston (Majority Girls Pot of Gold Scholarship)

        Adriana Josefina Guillen (Majority Girls Pot of Gold Scholarship)

2016   Madeline Electra-Dianne Cecil (In Memory of Sharon Fentress)
        Makayla Michelle Bettis  (Dallas Scottish Rite Scholarship)
        Sakurah Janise Fisher (Dallas Scottish Rite Scholarship)
        Madeline Alonso  (Dallas Scottish Rite Scholarship)
Emily Elizabeth Cumming (Rainbow Hoodie Scholarship)
Rebecca Louise Simon
Vanh Olivia Keomoungkhoun
        Gabriela Nicole Teeka-Singh  (Majority Girls Pot of Gold Scholarship)
        Tanner Pruitt   (Majority Girls Pot of Gold Scholarship)

2017   Hunter Lauren Nodwell (In Memory of Anna Sorrells)
        Katie Scarlett Arnold
(Dallas Scottish Rite Scholarship)
        Claire Katherine Peebler
(Dallas Scottish Rite Scholarship)
        Megan Renee Taylor
(Dallas Scottish Rite Scholarship)
        Elizabeth Richardson
(Rainbow Hoodie Scholarship)
        Charels Lynne Phillips
(Majority Girls Pot of Gold Scholarship)
Emily Elizabeth Cumming (Majority Girls Pot of Gold Scholarship)
Gabriela Nicole Teeka-Singh (Majority Girls Pot of Gold Scholarship)

2018   ??????

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